Eye Tracking in VR: A Case Study

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About the Missing project

Missing is a missing person thriller with a mental health message at its core. Using cutting-edge eye-tracking technology, you will search Eleanor Parker’s home for clues about what happened to her. As you explore the surroundings, the environment responds to your gaze and you begin to piece together a thought-provoking picture.

But Missing is not just a mystery, it serves a hidden purpose: to cultivate empathy and understanding for mental health issues through a uniquely immersive, first- person narrative. As the protagonist of this narrative, guided by your inner thoughts, you step into the shoes of someone living with a life-altering condition. This project stands as a work-in-progress, aiming to evolve with insights from leading scientists and medical professionals to deepen its impact.

We hope this experimental, first-of-its- kind experience can help push the boundaries of mental health applications.

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